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SBM originated in 1950, as paper trading company in major paper hub called chawri bazar as SHARDA TRADING CO. It later on incorporated as SBM INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD., under present directors – Sanjay Gupta & Saurabh Gupta. At present – SBM is a strategic print media partner and leader in paper conversion industry in India (Delhi). They are mainly indulged in fabrication of Notebooks, Diaries,  Premium office stationery and Book Printing.


Office Diaries & Notebooks Manufacturer

GLOBAL DIARIES brings you the wide range of world class diaries, note books and various stationery items- bound in premium quality material, with an excellent and unmatched range of designs to suit your professional and personal environment. With our constant upgradation and continuous strive for excellence. We have reached the quality that meet your discerning taste and values. Absolute commitment to quality, meticulous attention to details and unparalleled level of service has made GLOBAL DIARIES one of the leading specialists in their field. Beside our exclusive range of diaries and notebooks we also cater to corporate whom we provide completely customized products.


Your Story, Our Canvas

ForU, where every page tells a story, and every diary or Notebook is a canvas for your unique narrative. ForU is not just a brand; it’s a celebration of the universal connection that diaries and notebooks forge with our emotions. Born from the legacy of SBM Industries, renowned for crafting world-class diaries and notebooks under the Global Diaries brand, ForU emerges as a distinctive and premium range.

Our vision is simple yet profound – to provide a diary for everyone, ensuring that every individual, regardless of background or journey, finds a space to express themselves. We understand the power of storytelling and believe in the transformative impact a diary can have on one’s life.

At ForU, we proudly introduce a range of Leatherire Premium Diaries, and notebooks, elevating your writing experience to new heights. Each Product is meticulously crafted with a commitment to quality and a passion for design.

ForU is not just a diary or Notebook, it’s a companion that captures your thoughts, dreams, and memories, reflecting the essence of who you are.
As we embark on this journey, we invite you to explore the unparalleled blend of craftsmanship, style, and sophistication that defines ForU.

Join us in this exciting adventure where diaries transcend into cherished companions, and every stroke of the pen becomes a brushstroke of your personal narrative.

Our Vision

Customer Satisfaction, Timely Delivery, and Economical prices We work hard to be your reliable business partner, by satisfying your global needs
with our latest technological know-how, outstanding quality, wide product range and punctual service. Our goal is to develop innovative
partnerships and agreements, that bring quality services and economic values to our customer’s.

SBM Print

Warehouse & Logistics


SBM Print Facility is currently spread over 1.5 lakh sq. feet with additional 1 lakh sq for storage. Being pioneers in the print industry, SBM uses the
best quality inks, blankets, and chemicals enabling them to produce world-class printed media. SBM has a robust infrastructure in terms of printing
capacity. Having fleet of 12 offsets they can do 1.8 million impressions each day i.e. 25 tons of paper conversion daily. Having a uniform standard of
print size “28 x 40 enabled by Germany based HEIDELBERG offset technology, they can complete a job in an quick turn around me.

Diary Printing Facility in Delhi NCR

Printing Facility

Highly advanced folding and cutting equipment enables us for fast & quality
conversion with the highest standards in precision

  • 3 No. of Automac case-making machines by Kolbus – with round corner
    integraon for leatheree & special covers.
  • Automatic Kolbus Casing-in BF 40. More than ten Sewing machines.
  • 3 No. of Estar Polygraph Automatic Sewing machine.
  • 2 No. of Muller Marni flow lines to do saddle stitching and 3 side cung.
  • List 6 Stahl 28 X 40 Folding Machines
  •  2 Three Knife Trimmers
  •  5 Big Size Polar Fully Automatic Cutting Machines.
  • 10 No. of four Fold Stahl Machines. 
  • 2 No. of Automatic 3 Knife trimmer – SD Y – 2
  • 4 No. of Automatic Polar Cung Machines and many other small equipment
  • Highly advanced foiling and embossing equipment by KOLBUS
  • 12 High Speed POLYGRAPH Section Sewing Chain Delivery Machine
  • 2 High speed aster stitching machines 
  • 2 High Speed Muller Martini 6 Station Flow Line for Pinning.

Stitching & Pinning

  • 2 High Speed POLYGRAPH Section Sewing Chain Delivery Machine
  • 2 High speed aster stitching machines
  •  2 High Speed Muller Martini 6 Station Flow
    Line for Pinning.
  • Special jobs like new year diaries magazines, Folders, Catalogs, and books all are
    done at jet speed on this equipment maintaining the highest quality standards.

Covering & Finishing

  • Kolbus Case-In Line Machine
  • Kolbus Case Making DA-36 Machine
  • Specialized equipment like the above-shown machine is highly useful for best in
    technique and fast production for hardboard covering.
  • We have all supporting equipment available in-house to avoid any delay in timebound jobs.
  • Lamination – Thermal Technology Machine Special Spot UV machine.
  • Automatic Shrink Packaging facility.
  • Godown & Dispatch Facility
Covering & Finishing diary machine by global diary

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